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What Happens in Bed

Watch this beautiful and mellow video from Oren Lavie – an Israeli songwriter, playwright, director and ‘writer of funny books for sad children.” He also keeps his socks on in bed. Typical. The video was constructed from 3225 still photographs,  four weeks to create an animated CG storyboard, and two days of shooting – read […]

Make Your Own Identi-kit Face

Ultimate Flash Face allows you to build faces from a kit of part. Strangely absorbing, and little disturbing to realise how much I like or dislike a face is strongly influenced by changing the shape of the lips, hairstyle or jawline.

Love Rage

What’s the best way to get revenge on the love of your life? Take it out on the love of their life…. Check out these pictures of cars that have been ‘redecorated’ or ‘modified’  – looks like the aftermath of a Top Gear shoot.

Multiplatform Games at Global Game Jam

The 3-day Global Game Jam has kicked off with 1,750 participants at 53 locations in 23 countries . By 3pm tomorrow, teams in Albuquerque, Ankara, Glasgow, Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv and beyond must hand in their newly developed interactive games prior to giving their presentation. New games will be made available for play and […]

Google Magazine Archive

Click on  the More arrow at the top left of your google search page and click Books to be taken to a treasure trove of a magazine archive. Browse and search back issues of Popular Science (back to 1870), New York (back to 1965), Men’s Health (back to 2006) or Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists […]

Pitching a Home Run – Part I

NYC-based Fernanda Rossi is an internationally renowned author and story consultant. She has doctored over 200 documentaries, scripts, and fundraising trailers – including the Academy Award® nominated The Garden by Scott Hamilton Kennedy – and she has served as festival juror and grant panelist. In this two-part article Fernanda explains how to pitch your documentary film. This week she concentrates on the opening statement. (Photo by Tania Retchisky)

Greenlit: The History of Science, BBC2

The History of Science (w/t)  – Documentary series in which, presenter Michael Moseley explores the most important scientific discoveries, from genetics to quantum physics. Channel: BBC2 TX: 2010 Producer: BBC Source: C21

Greenlit: Seven Wonders of the Solar System, BBC2

Seven Wonders of the Solar System (5x ) – documentary series presented by Professor Brian Cox. Channel: BBC2 TX: 2010 Producer: BBC Source: C21

Faith Equals Fertility

Does religion cause people to have more children or do people with more children turn to God? Discuss. Or at least read more.

Stilwell Road – The Road That Killed a Man a Mile

In Burma in WWII, 15,000 US soldiers – many of them African-American – toiled through mountainous jungle terrain and torrential rain, and battled across raging rivers to build a road dismissed by Churchill as “an immense, laborious task, unlikely to be finished until the need for it has passed.” Soon after the road was completed […]

Now the Animals are Tooling Up

Read Wired’s blog to find out how animals are using tools to outsmart their prey, make life easier or pass a little time: elephants painting, mole rats making face masks (protective rather than spa), Egyptian vultures opening eggs with hammers, birds using rods to fish for bugs, gorillas using walking sticks to cross rivers and […]

TED Conference Speakers 2009

TED (tagline: Ideas Worth Spreading) have just announced some of their returning speakers at their 2009 conference. In the meantime browse the site for inspirational talks and expert/talent spotting. 2009 conference speakers include: Biochemist Kary Mullins, Biologist Robert Full, Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin, Founding director of Harvard Business School’s Life Sciences Project, Juan Enriquez, Marketing guru […]

Greenlit: Dating in the Dark, ABC

Dating in the Dark Channel: ABC Producer: Talpa Content / Endemol USA Source: C21

Research: Find any Documentary in the UK

Visit findanyfilm.com to find documentaries (indeed, any film) available on DVD, on TV, online, for download or to see at the cinema. If it’s not currently on a certain format you can sign up for alerts when it becomes available. (Inspired by Nicola Colley)

Greenlit: The Science of Fireworks, Nat Geo

The Science of Fireworks Channel: National Geographic Producer: Marabella Source: Variety

Sit On the Jury

Do you have a dispute you want to resolve, or perhaps just a guilty conscience?  Visit On the Jury, where you can submit your misdemeanors to the vote of the jury, and you can vote on other people’s crimes. Cases currently being deliberated include: “I found out my on/off boyfriend of many years was recently […]

History of Hip Hop in Senegal

In 1982 hip hop was born in Senegal. From its earliest days as a youth craze its evolved into a socio-political movement with a distincticve culture. Read more.

How to Use Google Reader

Having trouble keeping track of all the websites you’re supposed to read in order to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world and generate new ideas? What you need is a feedreader that collects and aggregates all the new material that is published on your favourite sites, so you can find it all in […]

101 Things to Do

101 things to do, 273 days in which to do them. One done. Miss Alex has compiled a list of things she wants to do achieve by 29 September, 2011. Taks range from drinking 100 different whiskies, cooking three things from every cook book she owns (that wouldn’t take me very long, in fact I’d […]

The Oxford Muse

“If you have not achieved as much in your life as you feel you ought to have, if you would like your personal relations to be less superficial, if you cannot accept that youthful promise should be so liable to end in mental stagnation, and that so much work should be frustrating, if you wish […]

Play Drawminos

Play this interactive game of drawminos – once you’ve tired of watching the dominoes fall in a predictable, if impressive, pattern, have a go at setting your own dominoes up to reveal your artistic side, (or just a domino pile-up).

Dream Job Offer on the Barrier Reef


1,474-Megapixel Photograph of President Obama’s Address

Photographer David Bergman took a 1,474-megapixel photograph of President Obama’s Inaugral address using a Gigapan imager. With a click of the mouse, what looks like a wide shot of Washington DC, turns into a zooming, panning image that allows you to search the crowd for famous faces (or people you actually know). [Inspired by Nicola […]

How to Write a Proposal a TV Commissioner Will Actually Read

Commissioning editors can receive up to 80 programme proposals a week; few will be read from start to finish.

Many commissioners never read past the first paragraph, or even the title. On average, they make a decision within 40 seconds. Usually that decision results in the proposal being filed in the bin.

So how can you make sure a commissioner keeps reading to the end of your proposal? Here are ten ways to make your proposal stand out and keep your commissioner reading to the end.

TX: The Detonators, Discovery

The Detonators (13×60′) – each episode features two demolitions as explosive experts Dr Paul Worsey and Dr Braden Lusk explore how master blasters bring down bridges, stadiums and skyscrapers. Channel: Discovery Producer: RDF USA / IWC TX: Wed 28 January 8pm Source: C21

Greenlit: The Genius of Britain, Ch4

The Genius of Science (5×60′) – Richard Dawkins, Prof. Stephen Hawking, Jim Al-Khalili, Sir Paul Nurse and Sir James Dyson explore Britain’s scientific achievements, telling the stories of the scientists who shaped our world. Channel: Ch4 Producer: IWC Source: Broadcast

Weapons Against Robots

If terrorism, economic collapse and global warming isn’t enough to worry about, there’s also the problem of robots – but you can rest easy in the knowledge that Weapons Against Robots have got your back with active weapon systems, detection systems and robo virus systems. Weapons Against Robots was set up by young entreprenuer Ben […]

Street Art

Check out these amazing 3-D chalk pavement drawings. Careful you don’t fall in.

Mapping History

See the flow of modern migration patterns. Or hear the rattle of gunfire as a map of Iraq is peppered with blood-red holes, each one symbolizing a coalition fatality (pressing the red button feels distressingly complicitous).  Maps of War collates maps that also visualize the March of Democracy and The Western Front, 1914 – 1918, […]

Dead Strange: Ways to Die

Browse a fascinating, if likely apocryphal, list of bizarre deaths from the history books, including: Sigurd the Mighty who succumbed to a leg infection after he was bitten by a decapitated head; Tycho Brahe, who died after straining his bladder at a banquet (demonstrating that it is better out than in); and Franz Reichelt who […]

Release your inner Jackson Pollock

Indulge your artistic streak with this addictive website where you can paint (or splodge) in a riot of colours. Shame the bottom’s dropped out of the art market.

Savvy Auntie

Savvy Auntie is a (very pink) website aimed at “cool aunts, great aunts, godmothers and all women who love children”. It has advice on how to entertain and educate your occasional charges, with everything from gift ideas to activities, book reviews, and an active forum where you can discuss auntie issues, with other aunts and […]

Take a Tour

Platial has introduced a number of “informal ambassadors:” who are offering their insider knowledge of their home city – they’re happy to answer questions or even meet up. So far, there are guides in Taipei, Los Angeles, Malaysia and Chennai.  On a guide’s web page, you might see maps of their town with suggested sights, […]

Ushahidi – Mapping Crisis

Ushahidi (”testimony” in Swahili) is an open source platform that allows people to map violence – people can collect reports using email, mobile phone an the internet and add them to a growing database of trouble spots.  The website was initially set up in the wake of the 2008 Kenyan elections, a crisis which mobilised […]

Urban Landscapes in Transition

For the past five years, NYC photographer Nathan Kensiger has been documenting the abandoned industrial spaces around Brooklyn’s waterfront. Much of the landscape he’s photographed has disappeared under swanky new condominiums as artists living on the fringe give way to hipsters who in turn give way to young, moneyed professionals. Abandoned Brooklyn is a photographic […]


After the award-winning success of animated documentary Waltz with Bashir, you might fancy using animation to tell a factual story. But where to look for up-and-coming animators? You’d do worse than visit Aniboom which is the home of online animation. Last year they ran a competition which asked people to create animated videos for Radiohead’s […]

Interview: Virginia Mouseler of The Wit

Meet Virginia Mouseler, founder of The Wit – a research company that publishes weekly and monthly reports about all the new TV shows around the world. Explore the database of 80,000 TV programmes from around the world; search using keywords, country, genre or production company; and watch full length videos of any TV show online. Sign up for a weekly email report with news of new pilots and projects, and a monthly report on new shows aired in 35 countries.

Greenlit: Seasons of Survival, Discovery

Seasons of Survival, (6×60′ HD) – global look at natural phenomena caused by seasonal changes.

Channel: Discovery

Producer: BBC/Discovery co-pro

Tx: Spring 09

Source: C21

Greenlit: Heli-Loggers, TLC

Heli-Loggers – follows the work of macho heli-loggers in British Columbia Channel: TLC TX: 5 February 09 Producer: World of Wonder Source: C21

Greenlit: Out of the Wild, Discovery

Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment (8×60′) drops nine strangers in the Alaskan wilderness to pit man against nature. Producer: Pilgrim Films and Television Tx: April 09 (in Alaska Week) Source: C21

TX: Nascar Wives, TLC

Nascar Wives – follows the action on and off the Nascar circuit from the perspective of the wives and families of Nascar racers. TX: Special on 24 January 09, followed by series in late Spring. Producer – Nascar Media Group Source: C21

Trendhunter Videos – Tech

Check out the latest Trendhunter tech trends, including: Futuristic Shopping Experiences, 23 Viral Must-Have iPhone Apps, Ads That Age You, Politics from Space and Bad Breath Detectors.

Trendhunter Videos – Fashion

Check out the latest Trendhunter videos on fashion, including: 10 Sizzling Photoshoots, Untraditional Wedding Dresses, Celebrities Exposed Sans Photoshop, Inaugural Ball Gowns, 39 Vivacious Vogue Covers.

Trendhunter Videos – Eco

Check out the latest Trendhunter green trends, including: 30 Homes for Nature Lovers, 62 Creative Ways to Contend with Garbage, AV-Inspired Innovations, Self-Powered Tech Homes, Wooden Scooters.

Death by Computer Game

Extreme gaming has led to deaths in people who have undertaken marathon sessions, but Keith Bakker, found of the Smith & Jones Centre, Amsterdam, which is Europe’s only clinic that treats gaming addiction, suggests that addiction is rare – most compulsive gamers have social problems. The pioneering clinic aims to build their social skills by […]

Trendhunter Videos – Science

Watch the latest Trendhunter videos on science: puzzle-solving robots, plasticized human bodies, cyborg contact lenses, cold-resistant string instruments and bizarre medical anomalies.

Issuu – You Publish

Publish your own online magazine on Issuu.  Browse the library, which is arranged into subject categories or explore the most popular magazines – which are currently: Real Estate Review – a guide to real estate around Faribault, Minnesota, Psychic Times International, Getting from There to Here – Moving to Grade 9 – a guide for […]

The Impossible Project

Instant Polaroid film is about to disappear – Polaroid closed its four instant film plants last year, but a group of enthusiasts hope to reinvent the technology and develop a modern, streamlined production process, to ensure the availability of instant film.  The Impossible Project aim to restart the production of analogue integral film for vintage […]

In Production: The Origins of Life

Title: The Origins of Life Channel: National Geographic Producer: Marabella Productions Source: Variety

In Production: When the Earth Has No Moon

Title: When the Earth Has No Moon Channel: National Geographic Producer: Marabella Productions Source: Variety

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